Solar Modules

The MSP20Ex solar module is an ATEX classified photovoltaic module for use in isolated systems where no electrical power is available, typically on offshore oil and gas platforms classified as a gas explosion risk area.

MSM has designed this module under the strictest safety regulations, complying with all atex and IECEx standards, the panel cells are encapsulated between a tempered glass cover and an aluminium back sheet to provide maximum protection in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The MSP20Ex can be supplied on its own or as a kit as part of a complete power system, together with the battery box and a solar charge controller.

II 2G Ex eb mb IIC T4 Gb

Technical specifications


GROUP II: Equipment on surface (no mining)
ZONE 1: Category 2

Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

Maximum power

22.3 W

Monocrystalline cells in series connection

32 nos

Cells encapsulated between tempered glass and L5057 aluminium mounting frame
High efficiency

Even with low levels of sunlight

Maximum concentration and diffusion of light on cells
High resistance to the marine environment
Designed for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
Watertightness degree

IP 66

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