Fog Detector

Up to 8 km

The MSM visibility sensor, model MVS20-Ex, is designed for general meteorological applications in extreme marine conditions where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required.

It is manufactured with high quality and resistant materials to achieve a long life in the harshest marine conditions.

The explosion area Zone 1 rated housing and marine grade sheathed cables ensure IP66 performance in all weather conditions for monitoring changes in visibility due to rain, snow, fog, smoke and dust. With a measurement range of up to 8 km, the sensor is suitable for use in the petrochemical production sites, refining facilities and transportation terminals.

Designed according to IALA Recommendation G-1162

II 2GD Ex d IIB T5/T6

Technical specifications


GROUP II: Equipment on surface (no mining).

ZONE 1: Category 2 .


Monitors visibility and obstruction to vision

caused by dust, fog, rain, drizzle, snow and hail.

Selectable measurement range up to 8 km.
Compact forward scatter design.
Flexibility to connect

To a wide range of data collection/ processing units

Easy installation
Optical sensor hood heating

For use in extreme environments

Comprehensive self-test and maintenance data
Not affected by local lights

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