Temperature class of gas - Atex zone

Published on Thursday, 06 October of 2022

To choose the suitable equipment for an atex zone, it is important to know which temperature class the gases belong to.

This temperature class is determined by the self-ignition temperature of the gases or vapors. The ignition temperature (IAT) is the minimum temperature at which the Air/Gases, vapors, or mists mixture ignites spontaneously.

This must be taken into account when an explosive atmosphere may come into contact with a hot surface. On the other hand, all equipment is certified so that at a certain temperature it no longer has any ignition sources and does not allow an explosion to occur.

In the following image, we can see the ignition temperatures of some gases and  the temperature classification of the equipment. Each gas has an associated gas temperature class which would be the minimum protection class that the equipment should have.

MSM ATEX equipment can operate with groups of gas T6 (most self-ignition gas) providing the highest safety for aids to navigation systems to operate in explosive atmospheres. MSM guarantees quality and durability in all its equipment.

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