Project design

All large offshore projects have a high degree of complexity, these are projects that require a high level of training and multidisciplinary experience, to combine all the variables and achieve an integrated and well-defined beaconing project,

MSM Offshore has a large staff of highly qualified engineers capable of managing beaconing projects in explosive atmospheres and wind farms.

Our staff is composed of industrial, IT, mechanical and optical engineers. We are also ATEX – IECEX certified and IALA certified.

Consulting services

Our more than 15 years of experience in the sector make us a strategic partner for the realisation of projects, that is why MSM Offshore provides a consultancy service on beaconing projects in explosive atmospheres, bridges, wind farms and other areas where a maritime beaconing system is needed.

In MSM Offshore we are able to detect and improve the shortcomings of the project, objectively and always thinking about the safety of the sailors.


In large projects clients want to have the supervision of the manufacturers to minimise errors, as these beaconing projects are highly complex, for this, our technicians have the IALA and INERIS (Ism-ATEX level 2 – EM) certification necessary to work in explosive atmospheres.

Each offshore project has its particularities, such as its geographical location, that is not an impediment for our team, we are used to travel to the most inhospitable destinations in the world, to carry out installations and supervisions.

With the COVID-19, we have all the vaccinations and COVID passport, so that this is not an impediment when supervising the installation of our equipment.

Custom made equipment

MSM Offshore is a manufacturer of aids to navigation equipment, with an experience of more than 15 years, all our equipment is manufactured under the recommendations of the IALA and ICAO annex 14, in addition to having ATEX and IECEx certified equipment.

In our facilities we have our own laboratories, equipped with advanced electronic equipment, in addition to a large staff of over 80 people, which allows us to have a large manufacturing capacity, so MSM can manufacture custom equipment with the highest quality standards, in record time.


We have a spacious training room, with state-of-the-art multimedia equipment with everything necessary to carry out theoretical and practical training.

We have teachers certified by the IALA and more than 15 years of experience in the sector, and some of them have taught official IALA courses.

In MSM Offshore, we have adapted to the global situation that we are living because of the pandemic, now we also provide online training with the same professionalism as if it were face-to-face.

Once the training is finished, the student will obtain the MSM qualification, which certifies that he/she has acquired all the necessary knowledge for the handling, installation, programming and maintenance of our equipment.

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