ATEX Personnel Competence Certification

Published on Wednesday, 26 October of 2022

Personnel working in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres must have the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee not only the safety of employees from the risks of a potential explosion, but also to ensure that the equipment to be used in that area complies with the guidelines that mark the corresponding ATEX and IECEx classifications. For this reason, all personnel working in potentially explosive atmospheres must have the certification that enables them to carry out their tasks in complete safety within these environments.

Thus, depending on the position and functions to be performed, there are different levels of Certification for the personnel who work within an ATEX installation:

A Level 1 operator may only work in explosive atmospheres on specialised equipment if he is supervised by a Level 2 Authorised Person, and a Level 0 operator who does not work on any specialised equipment but works in an explosive environment must also be supervised by Level 2 personnel.

Level 3 and level 4 are personnel dedicated to training and auditing respectively.

This industry is in constant evolution, that is why every 3 years the certification of the personnel must be renewed, as all personnel must be updated with the latest measures and changes in the regulations, as well as being in constant learning.

The hierarchy of levels is very rigorous:

All personnel working in the field of explosive atmospheres at MSM are certified by DEKRAINERIS and have their own certification number. On the other hand, the company itself also has its own certificate as a manufacturer of specialised equipment for explosive atmospheres, which is why MSM guarantees the highest quality and professionalism in our ATEX equipment.

MSM guarantees quality and durability in all its equipment. All exproof equipment are available in

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