DemoSATH, the first floating wind turbine in Spain, marked with MSM Offshore equipment

Published on Thursday, 08 September of 2022

The offshore wind energy industry in Spain has taken a big step forward with this pioneering project led by Saitec Offshore Technologies in collaboration with RWE: DemoSATH, the first floating offshore wind turbine connected to the Spanish electrical grid, which is now launched in the Port of Bilbao ready to be installed in the open sea, in the BiMEP (Biscay Marine Energy Platform) testing area.

At MSM Offshore we are very proud to contribute to this project by supplying our maritime signalling equipment for offshore wind farms. Our state-of-the-art self-contained LED lanterns with integrated GPS module are already working at full capacity signalling the DemoSATH floating platform. In addition, these lanterns have a Modbus network communication protocol for the monitoring and the MCL250 model is equipped with an AIS type 1 system.

Certainly, the DemoSATH project is a milestone for the energy transition and sustainable development in Spain, and highlights the potential of our industry to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the development of Floating Wind Energy.

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