MSM Offshore joins the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE)

Published on Friday, 11 November of 2022

At MSM Offshore we believe in Offshore Wind Energy as a key sustainable energy model in the energy transition towards a decarbonized economy, that is why we want to contribute to the development and implementation of renewable energies, as the Offshore Wind Power, by becoming partners of the Spanish Wind Energy Association.

The AEE brings together several agents of the wind energy sector in Spain, joining forces to promote the use of wind energy and representing the interests of the wind energy sector, thus promoting the development of this energy system, and cooperating with the different administrations and agencies involved to consolidate the business growth and effective regulatory frameworks.

MSM Offshore becomes part of the AEE with enthusiasm to join the engine that will drive the development of offshore wind power in Spain, and participating in the Offshore Wind working group to contribute to the proposals development that allow the viability of offshore wind farms projects.

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