New racon atex group II, category 2, RBM03-EX

Published on Tuesday, 27 February of 2018

After almost 4 years of research, development, and multiple tests, MSM releases the new version of Racon ATEX RBM03-EX to the market.

Until now we had the classification in Group II, Category 3 of the ATEX scale. But, although this classification already allowed its installation in oil & gas platforms, it was limited for its installation in the Category 2 zones. So, from now on, this equipment is suitable for its location in any area classified as Group II, Category 2, Zones 1 and 2.

To manufacture and market an ATEX product, it is needed the corresponding certification issued by an accredited laboratory (notified organization under reference number 0163, in accordance with Article 17 of Directive 2014/34 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of February 26th of 2014). The certification follows a strict protocol which consists of numerous tests, such as: test to the resistance to the envelope pressure, erosion by flame, no transmission of internal flame, behaviour to the flame, overpressure, tests of aging of the materials, electrical tests, resistance to impacts and air or water ingress, among others.

In addition to the tests to which these kinds of products are subjected, our company MSM is audited and certified periodically for the manufacture of these products. This type of equipment is subject to exhaustive individual quality controls before its dispatch from the factory.

Furthermore, to the effort done for this milestone, at MSM we continue working in the development and certification of new ATEX products.

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