Solar Power kit

The MSK*-Ex is a solar kit for potentially explosive environments, this solar power unit is compact and easy to install. It is available in different power ratings from 20 W – 80 W with a battery capacity of 65 Ah – 200 Ah.

The different configurations allow for an optimal system as needed. This MSK*-Ex Solar Kit has 3 possible combinations. Due to its standardised design, its installation is quick and easy.

MSK 160-Ex which has a lantern MBL160-Ex.

MSK R04-Ex with a Racon RBM04-Ex.

MSK PWR-Ex which is used as a power back-up.

This MSK*-Ex is classified as ATEX / IECEx Group II, Category 2 ensuring a high level of protection. This allows the use in potentially explosive atmospheres, classified for Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Technical specifications


GROUP II: Equipment on surface (no mining)
ZONE 1: Category 2

Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

Stainless steel.
Battery enclosure up to 200 Ah capacity
Solar modules

up to 80 W

Adjustable inclination
Top Fix Standard

(4 – 3 bolts in a 200 mm diameter)

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