MOL32-B Obstruction LED Light

Up to 32 Cd

The MOL32-B is an obstruction LED red steady burning light. The light has been designed to be a compact, lightweight, and low-consumption product, fitted with LED diodes of high intensity, reaching a 32 Cd.

It can be easily installed thanks to its mounting bracket and a balance of patented optics, electronics, and mechanical com-ponents.

This beacon has an omnidirectional light beam and a patented optical reflector, able to ensure a vertical beam spread of 10o. This lantern belongs to the ICAO and FAA Classification TYPE-B assuring a high watertightness degree, low consumption, and a lightweight and compact device.

Designed according to ICAO Standards Annex-14 and the EN60068, EN60529 (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited third-party laboratory).


Technical specifications

RED light - Steady Burning (ICAO - FAA)
High-efficiency luminous system

Up to 32 Cd.

Vertical divergence

up to 10º.

Lightweight and compact.
Low consumption

3 W

Horizontal output


IP 66 watertightness degree.
Fully ICAO compliant.
Average operation lifetime

Over 10 years

Short-circuit, reverse-polarity and transient over-voltage protections.
Patented optical system®

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